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RESTAURANTMATRIX™ is a business intelligence service, not a sales company. We can tap into the sales data from any point-of-sale system to provide accurate and truly meaningful business management information more affordably than anybody. We show you a simpler, easier way to retrieve and understand your point-of-sale data and financials. We figure that if we show you how to use better and simpler business data, then success will take care of itself… for you and us. So CEO Derryl Webb teaches us to focus on just that.

Our customers feel safe to request customized reports and features without being nickel and dimed to death.

The main point is that RESTAURANTMATRIX achieves remarkable service while providing the lowest cost service of its kind anywhere.

What’s News?

August 30, 2016
RESTAURANTMATRIX™ is now a Sage Silver Development Partner!
We signed up to solidify our data integration with Sage accounting software. Data integration is our ability to transfer your sales info into other software. Our integration with various accounting packages has always worked just fine, but it doesn’t hurt to start building relationships with the folks who develop the programs.

SageDevelopmentPartner_Silver_RGB (1)

We are working really hard… especially Super-D, so send donuts!

An unusual kind of service!

We have built a great reputation on service. We want it to be a special kind. The kind that does NOT go bad after you pay your hard-earned money. We absolutely need and want you to be successful. Everybody wins. Nobody loses. Word of mouth alone has been attracting more and more restaurant owners to us, so we must be doing service right.

RESTAURANTMATRIX serves up simpler, easier, and affordable ways to find and understand POS data and financials. We provide the tools needed to find hidden problems with sales, cash management, inventory, etc. and explain why they are happening. We can package your invoice data for use by your accounting system.

We can even input your vendor invoices for you. Can you imagine how much time and money that alone could save? We can do it. We proved it.

What’s so bloody special about RESTAURANTMATRIX™?

RESTAURANTMATRIX is chock full of goody-goody people who want to help restaurant owners win at everything. We know that the only way we can be successful is to make our customers successful FIRST. We are convinced that this is true and we hate to see restaurants buy software and then get abandoned or boxed in with limited reports and services. We do this by recreating things to be simpler, easier, smarter, and amazingly affordable. Not complicated, harder, and more expensive.

What kind of chores do we make easier and smarter?

Cash Management

Daily confirmation of sales and cash activity

Menu Analysis

Factoring in the cost of item modifiers to get a real-world read on cost and profit margins

Purchasing and Invoicing

Automatic entry of invoices from major vendors like Sysco, US Foods, Southern Wine & Spirits, etc.


Waste, transfers, actual and theoretical usage

Labor Scheduling

We can put your schedule into the POS system!

Automatic Data Entry

We can add sales, accounts payable, and inventory to your accounting system

Automatic Report Creation

Customized reports of many types and daily flash reports

And much more!

You have no idea…


EASIER RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT: Getting accurate info your way means no extra work with Excel spreadsheets or wasted time cross-checking reports because you don’t trust the data.

LOWEST COST EVER: RESTAURANTMATRIX costs way below the competitors’ range whether it’s about software installation or customizing reports or adding special program features. We don’t charge for every little request, but when we do, you may not believe how affordable we are compared to other companies.

FASTEST BEST SERVICE EVER: We have plenty of programming power to respond to your software or reporting needs. Some of the competition put customer requests at the end of the waiting list unless they think that they are about to lose the customer’s business.

Who likes and needs us?

  • Single or multiple units in local, regional, or nationwide locations
  • Quick-service, casual dining, full-service, and everything in between
  • Multi-concept companies with various brands
  • Wholesalers and caterers
  • Anybody who wants to link their payroll systems to their accounting systems

Other Services We Offer

    • We can do a comprehensive analysis of your restaurant operations and surprise you with easy ways to save and improve.
    • We can provide programming expertise if you need it for special requirements.
    • We can provide software training.
    • We can explain things in easy-to-understand ways.

"Say...Didn’t You Used to Be...

…Hula Software or something? Alta-something?”

    • Hula Software evolved into RESTAURANTMATRIX™!
    • We have no connection to Alta-anything!!
    • We also have no connection with Hula POS!!!

We’re just good people trying to do good in a good business. Good stuff.

The Chief is reachable at RESTAURANTMATRIX™!

How easy is it for you to talk to the actual CEO of your business data or POS vendor? Would you even try?

You can actually get CEO Derryl D. Webb to contact you about our company! Truly. Now just imagine if you were a RESTAURANTMATRIX™ client and wished to speak to The Big Cheese. Use the form below or call (888) 996-9298 extension 3.

Mr Webb100Fun Fact: Mr. Webb has managed multiple restaurant brands across the country and has earned the nickname “Super-D“!

Send us mail to learn more or just to say "Hi!"

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